How to have a good trip on weed?!

Question: How to have a good trip on weed?
I smoke weed alot.. and 4/10 times I'll have a bad trip, where I'll just get really paranoid and freak out. Any advice on how to avoid bad trips and get good ones (e.g getting the giggles) ?
thanks if you can help :)


Being in a comfortable environment helps alot. Also you should probably smoke weed in lower amounts until you start to get used to the high. Remember that nobody has ever died from weed, so you don't have to be worried about dieing. If you eat food or drink something that has a high sugar content, it will sober you up a bit and calm you down. Bring an ipod so you can put on some music to further calm you down. If you are in public, wear sunglasses to cover your eyes so nobody can tell that you are high.
Your method of smoking is also a factor. Smoking joints tends to bring on paranoia more often than bongs. Smoking a bong gives you a clearer headed high (but it's stronger, so smoke less than you would out of a joint).
Once you get used to the high, it will be much easier to handle, so don't worry :)

watch funny TV shows or listen to good music that you like. Just relax and enjoy the high, and if you get paranoid or freak out, just tell yourself, and convince yourself, that it's just because you're high. Whenever you tell yourself "it's just because I'm high", the feeling usually goes away and you can enjoy the sweet Mary Jane.

Weed, or rather, let's call it by its name, Cannabis, is an inherently uncontrollable psychoactive substance. While the effects can be influenced by method of use and the amount used, essentially there is very little you can do to control its effects when smoking.

It isn't a good substance, its effects simply alter the neurochemistry of your brain, often permanently with long-term use.

It isn't my intent to lecture you, the principal point here is that there is nothing you can do. If you wish to continue the use of cannabis, you'll have to accept these negative effects, which will worsen over time.

Weed doesn't make you paranoid. You make yourself paranoid. Paranoia with weed is part of the placebo effect of weed, in that you think you are supposed to get paranoid, so you get paranoid. Just get it out of your mind beforehand and puff away. If shouldn't be too hard. Also, do it in a place where you are less likely to get caught.

I have the exact same thing as you, and I would love to know the answer to this but i often wonder about environment, because I feel alot more comfortable smoking cannabis in a house or safe environemt, rather than on a street.

I always have good experiences when I smoke. I think I have good experiences because of the environment I'm in and the people I smoke with. I tend to watch wildboys when I smoke or just play some guitar hero haha

Get high in an environment you can control and with people you know and make sure you don't have to go anywhere.

smoke a different strain of weed. Stay away from the Indo and try a Sativa.

Here's a about getting a life and stop doing drugs..don't you have anything better to do..SERIOUSLY!

You obviously dont smoke cause you dont trip on weed

take your time.

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