Can I get into the club and drinks if I'm hott?!

Question: Can I get into the club and drinks if I'm hott?
Not to sound cocky, but I'm a good looking girl. I'm 18 though. So. If I go to an 18 and over club, can I get drinks in there?

Or, can I go to a 21 and up club and get in cause I'm good looking? How do girls take advantage of that with the bouncers/bartenders?


they'll be very easy on a fake ID if you're hot, but they won't let you in without an ID

just because you are hot (maybe?) they still won't let you into a 21 and over club without a proper ID. why? because they likely would get fired, they could get sued, they could get charged criminally, and letting some tease chick is not even close to worth it for them, no matter how hot you think you are... and just because you are hot, doesn't give you any right or privilege to break the law, and you shouldn't risk some lonely bouncer letting you in because he might think you will hook up with him if he does (or something) and thus getting him fired... that is beyond selfish

they also won't sell you alcohol either in an 18 and over club, and there are ways around this though...

i don't advocate underage drinking

get drunk before you go and sneak a flask in to keep drunk while you are there... in oregon they don't serve drinks in 18+ clubs, so it might be different where you are so not sure how they regulate between who is 21+ and who is only 18-20 if they serve alcohol there...


Clubs and their staff are legally obligated to blow off underage drinkers no matter how good looking and not serve them or allow them into a club.
BTW - there is always a prettier, smarter girl than you - so get over yourself.
Bouncers don't care, bartenders don't care.

Not legally. Hope you're denied - being hot doesn't always mean responsible or legal.



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