Does it help to drink water when hungover ?!

Question: Does it help to drink water when hungover ?
Or does this make no difference


It helps just a little bit. The only cure is time.

Yeah, it'll help. Beer dehydrates you, so you're dehydrated with a headache too...but drinking water won't cure your headache, you'll have to take some aspirin or just take the pain. But it'll help you feel better to your stomach and hydrate you too...

it does help in the form of ice chips, and if you have coke to add with it, that helps even more..soft food, like oatmeal and toast, dry without butter, and mash potatoes, with the gravy, like kfc's, help too..

Part of the hangover is dehydration. Drinking water is about the best and only thing to do that works.

Water is a great option but I find that sports drinks with electrolytes in them work even better.

Water is good. Powerade or Gatorade is better I think

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