How can i prevent puking when I get drunk?!

Question: How can i prevent puking when I get drunk?
This has happened to me twice before, where I drink beer, and feel perfectly fine and buzzed. But suddenly just a rush of sickness comes over me and i have to run to the bathroom puking. and I puke ALOT!! several times, throughout the night. then, i just pass out and don't feel good anymore. It ruins the night. :/ is ther a way to prevent this? do I need to eat dinner beforehand, or eat while i'm drinking?


easiest way to prevent this is to not drink.

it is a good idea to eat food before and during drinking as you suggest... and beer has a lot of carbonation, and depending how fast you drink them your body may not be able to handle it.

the body can be weird, I've been gotten sick off 5-6 beers one night, and than another I drank about a 12 pack and wasn't sick (just super plastered)...

it sounds like your body has a low tolerance for alcohol and gets sick pretty easily, maybe try something besides beer, your body may not get sick off it

Always make sure you've eaten (not too much) beforehand. An empty stomach and lots of alcohol is easier to upset.

Steady your drinking throughout the night, don't down it all within the space of an hour. Don't mix drinks too much, if you do drink different drinks, again leave time between.

I've really only been sick a couple of times drinking, when I was younger and when I went mental and was downing a bowl full of drink. Didn't enjoy the hangover. I prefer drinking, more relaxed and enjoying it, that way even if I'm very drunk, I'm not throwing up

you might have an allergy to beer, some people do, and cannot drink it, and have to switch to a mixed drink instead, if they are going to drink at all, and go easy, because that is a sign of alcohol poisoning, and you know what would happen if your body could not get rid of it so easy..and if you drink some coke with ice chips throughout the day of this hangover, or until it's gone, it helps to get rid of the acid in your stomach caused by the alcohol, and the fact that it poisons you..and you just might be one of the people that cannot drink for this reason..some people process it better than others, and you know it can happen if you only drink a few beers,, depending on your size it could be less than that..eating helps, but your body will get rid of it, or try, no matter what..k? and the yeast used to process the beer is what gets to most people..hope this helps..once this happens your more prone to it every drink soda instead at parties, you will have more fun and feel better,and be the sober one to drive.

if beer makes you sick, don't drink it. i used to try and drink 40's of olde english but i could only drink like 75% of one and puke my face off , so i never touched the stuff again. that is the only liquor that makes me vomit. i find eating some chips, nachos or pop corn or pizza helps too if you get queezy while drinking.

Try to max out each week, attempting to beat your personal best. You'll soon build up a tolerance.

Or try a mesocycle of drinking spirits, then do a hard de-load and go back to drinking beer after a week's recovery. Drinking beer will feel much easier after becoming accustomed to higher alcohol percentages.

Make sure you are well-fed in advance.

Don't drink too much. Take it slow. Eat absorbent bread products DURING. Maybe you just need more practice with beer? Maybe you need to try wine? Or mixers?

Eat something before

They say to drink water. "Hangovers" are due to being dehydrated.

ALWAYS eat before you drink. If what you are drinking is making you sick, then try something else.

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