Take Shot's Aged 13 ?!

Question: Take Shot's Aged 13 ?
Im 13 an cant be asked to go to school i use to be really healthy but i turned so lazy (really lazy)
an was wondering whether i should take Redbull Shots everyday (1 redbull shot every 5 hour maybe)
well i need a pair of wings right now !

I only got 1 answer before & im in secandary school (high school) i think what age is high school cos in england secandary school's ranged from 12 anyways thank you for your answers


No, they are not good for you in anyway, yes they give you energy for a short amount of time but also far too much for you to learn anything once you get to school, plus having one a day will do significant damage to your adrenaline gland to the point where it may not work as were the cases of some American business men who drank too much coffee. I would really suggest eating a nice healthy diet, plenty of fruit and even just have some cereal and put sugar on top might do it.

But may i stress how bad taking Redbull energy shots will be on your system for a grown person let alone a 13 year old who is still growing.

no caffeine is not the answer. you can get addicted to it very easily and it makes the heart beat faster which isn't good over long periods of time. it's better to go to ur doctor and say u are fatigued all the time and get some blood tests for anemia and thiroid. I have the same issue for as long as I can remember and I'm now 24 and I'm still waiting for a doctor to take me seriously cos I've not got anything they can find conventialy. it may be chronic fatigue for which there is no cure or treatment. I just have to live with it and just not go out in the evenings as if I dont got to bed before 11 pm I wake up with the shakes and banging head aches and I just can't function. i don't even have the fall back of caffeine to give me a break from the tiredness as it has no effect on me. go to ur doc

If I were you I would get off my ***,and get with a programme,this I don't wanna know rubbish,a wind
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If you drink 4 redbulls (normal cans) you are having the same amount of sugar as 10 gateaux cakes. You will probably put on more weaight and wont be able to sleep as it takes 12 hrs approx to get caffeine out of ur system

I didn't consume any caffeine until i was 25.

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