How can one live after drinking 190 proof alcohol mixed with red bull and vicodin?!

Question: How can one live after drinking 190 proof alcohol mixed with red bull and vicodin?
My friend confessed to me about her drug and alcohol habit. She is petite and can't weigh more than 110lbs, but she tells me that when she is depressed she drinks 190 proof alcohol mixed with Monster Energy and pops 1-2 vicodin pills.
I know that she can really put away liquor, but how is she still okay? Does this mean that she has built a high tolerance over time? Also, what can I do to help her as she is 22 and an adult?


she obviously has a problem. its never good to drink while depressed, and its even worse to mix vicodin, alcohol, and red bull. she is killing her body slowly, but only some people have a terrible reaction to mixing prescription pills and alcohol. she isn't one of them.

i had a body in college who would take 10-12 shots, and like 8-10 vicodin pills and be out of his mind but he always lived.

my guess is the mixture isn't going to kill her (at least not today), but the more likely chance is she will do something extremely stupid that might kill her sooner than the substances will.…

She must not drink much 190 proof cuz that effing strong. The monster's just stupid cuz that can hurt your heart, and vicodin aint the best to mix with alcohol. she'll become an alcoholic and addicted to opiates. if she pops and drinks, especially if she drinks a lot.

I'm not sure but it works for me. I also credit the bong hits for pulling me through with its holistic healing abilities.

soon, she'll be living as a vegetable , in a coma !!

ask Charlie Sheen.

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