My sister is throwing up while she is drunk and asleep!!! HELP PLEASE?!

Question: My sister is throwing up while she is drunk and asleep!!! HELP PLEASE?
what should i dooo?? she is sleeping and really trying to throw up! im a teenager AND I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT TO DO! i gave her water what else can i do PLEASE HELP ME


Get her to a hospital now. Don't leave her because she may choke on her own vomit. Roll her onto her side ( in the recovery position if you know it) and tilt her head upwards. Don't give her any more water.

Put her on her left side with her head on it's side, slightly downwards so she can't choke on her vomit if she does throw up. Then call 911 and tell the operator that your sister is vomiting and sleeping. And has a possible alcohol overdose.

Me, I am an EMT and that's what I would do.

Take her to the bathroom and help her. She could make herself throw up so she can get it out of her system now and not when she's sleeping.

Don't let her sleep alone or on her back. Turn her on her side and keep an eye on her.

Just take her to the bathroom and help her over the toilet and let her throw up.
There's not much else you can do.
Drinking has it's repercussions.

Call 911. She might suffocate herself and she might have alcohol poisoning. Don't worry about anyone getting in trouble. She might be dieing.

CALL 911-she could slip into a coma, if she's that out of it-she needs help NOW!


Get medical help fast.

put her on her side so she doesnt choke on the puke and call an ambulance

just let her rest i will pass i no it is scary time will heal

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