What should my first drink be?!

Question: What should my first drink be?
I'm turning 21 this St. Patrick's day. I have literally never had a sip of alcohol before in my life, but I'm definitely planning to imbibe the day of my birthday. I want to order something that won't be too much of a shock to my system, but I don't want to order something too girly. (E.G. Appletini please, easy on the tini)

Some current suggestions that have been made are:

Gin and Tonic with an olive/lime

What do you think?


Guinness would be good since it's St. Patrick's day as well as your 21st Birthday! One word of warning: Many people make the mistake of mixing drinks on their 21st. Birthday. The friends of the Birthday Boy or Girl buy them Birthday drinks and then you end up having a tequila sunrise right after the gin and tonic Remember to pace yourself with the alcohol and go light on it. Be sure to eat food and drink water in between the alcohol drinks. Make sure you have a designated driver available or take a cab if you've had too much. Sometimes on New Year Eve and possibly on St Patrick's day the cab companies in some cities will even give people a ride home for free if they,ve had too much to drink. Happy Birthday!

I'm not much of an expert, but I think you could have a few bottles Smirnoff Ice. Watermelon is a good flavor, maybe green apple too if you want something "green"-ish. I don't recommend drinking straight hard liquor unless you know how to limit yourself and around good friends that are responsible. Please don't drive while intoxicated or drunk.

ok since it's st patty's day you have to order an irish car bomb at some point in the night. you could start out easy with a beer though or a smirnoff ice or something. a washington apple wouldn't be a bad choice either.

Eat a big meal and have a glass of wine with your cake. Don't drink any suspicious mixed drinks. Don't drive either.

Green Beer, some bars put a drop of green food coloring in your draft beer.

Rum and coke isn't girly, and it's very tasty!

Natty Ice because thatd make you a bro

just stick to beer, beer isnt that easy to get diunk off of

Just remember, do not get drunk or do anything stupid. Getting drunk is a sin. Turn to God and repent.

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