I took 2 shots of Vodka and i feel funny!?!

Question: I took 2 shots of Vodka and i feel funny!?
so a minute ago i took 2 shots of finlandia.. God!
ok i am so hot and i cant take deep breaths and it feels weird.. i had to open all the windows and its freezing outside.

is this normal?

(18 soon)


Yes this is normal if you are new to drinking. Alcohol effects the brain and body, so ......yeah. I would just go to sleep and sleep it off. Or you could go to the bar and get absolutely hammered and skip work tomorrow.....either way

No its more like dumb!! Ur not even at the age 2 drink....

A little girl trying 2 act like she's 21...umm YES VERY DUMB!!!! And i didnt know u knew me! I go out & party like crazy? Hahaha...look little girl...stay in school cause acting like this will only get ur sorry butt pregnant & ALONE!!!! Ha!!

are you under desperate or just wanna have fun girlz?take care with your body without drugs and alcohol..love you body..live for healthy.

Maybe if you're a woman.

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