how long does beer last in the fridge?!

Question: How long does beer last in the fridge?
i have a 12 pack of rolling rock that is still in the box and its been in my fridge in my garage for 3 weeks is it still good? i had the stomach flu for a week then i recovered the next week then this week i got a sore throat so thats why i havent drank it


This fridge works and they have kept cold correct. Well then they are perfectly fine to drink, and will stay good for along time if kept cold. Hope ya feel better soon, and enjoy them beer. If a beer is bad and you taste it you will know it's gone bad. If it tastes good it's okay.

It wants a good palate to detect beer that is out of date. You can keep it for up to five years or so before it'll start to look or taste nasty provided it's somewhere darl and cool. I've drunk beer older than that and it's not hurt me.

It'll be fine. Three weeks in the fridge is nothing, and beer keeps best when it's cool and dark. Reminds me...I'm out of beer.

All being well it should last longer than you do !

it'll stay forever

its fine

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