How can i get some cigarettes without an id?!

Question: How can i get some cigarettes without an id?
I lost my id, i'm 18 though.. and the only thing i have is a passport but i'm not gonna carry it over to the store...

I really need a moke right now.


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Why won't you carry your passport over to the store? Hm. Maybe ask someone to buy smokes for you.

go to a store where you usually buy cigs and try to buy some. usually people remember if you buy them often from there. if that doesnt work, go to the nearest shady liquor store you can find and try to score some there

Your passport is a form of id..if the reason you don't want to take it to the store is because you're underage..I suggest not trying it. It is illegal to purchase cigarettes under age.

Take your passport if you truly are 18 and don't value your health.

I used to work in a liquor store, carded everyone for all purchases.

Just use the passport if you're really that bent on getting a cigarette.

if you want cigarettes so badly just try your passport, it's still valid.

Ask a friend for one

Why not take the passport to the store? Get someone to buy em 4 u

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