Is beer good for you?!

Question: Is beer good for you?

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no, it is super fattening, red wine is better for you, if you want alcohol

Yes in moderation it can be good for you. The folate found in beer may help to reduce homocysteine in the blood and lower homocysteine levels mean a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. These factors are also found in red wine as well but beer offers more nutrional parts than wine. However that does not mean if 1 beer is good that 5 is better. In short one beer a day is better for you than one glass of wine but to be safe why not have one of both =)

Regular 12oz beer has :
Calories: 153
Protein: 1.64 g
Carbohydrates: 12.64 g
Calcium: 14 mg
Magnesium: 21 mg
Phosphorus: 50 mg
Potassium: 96 mg
Sodium: 14 mg
Zinc: 0.04 mg
Thiamin: 0.018 mg…

Maybe good to protect against heart disease in moderation. As long as you only have 2-3 units (female) or 3-4 units (male) a day and have at least 2 days off in a week. Otherwise you are at risk of disturbed sleep, gastritis, acute alcohol poisoning, pancreatis, cardiac arhythmias - these are the least serious...

maybe better than red wine!…

The way most people drink, no. However, dark beer at the rate of one glass (♀) or two glasses (♂) per day is even better for you than red wines are. Your circulatory system will thank you.

Do you mean aside from cirrhosis and other countless damages to your body? Its also bad for your stomach. It makes it bloat. I was looking forward to turning 21 but now not so much.

Sure! There's fiber in it. Drink as much as you can. The more you drink the healthier you get. (not yet proven)

It can be in moderation. Trouble is, too many people abuse it or drink sub-par beer.

definately yes if you want to put some weight.


Yes,specially in summer.
All the best.

yah if u r n happy mood n feeling good then its very good

Good yes, good for you, no.

Who cares when you can drink tequila!

oooo yeah, totally cool

porter is healthiest

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