what do u prefer, bud or miller beer?!

Question: What do u prefer, bud or miller beer?

Bud mostly.....
Heinekin once in a while
or Rolling Rock once in a while

Moosehead at times when I was On Kodiak Island

Drank Coors for a while in 70's when I in Petaluma
Olympia sometimes
but mostly bud and a SH*TLOAD of hard liquor
then I turned in really harcore alcoholic
and drank the finest SHMIDTS animals(cause they had pictures of wildlife on cans)
was about 5 bucks for half rack

During Midnight Dragon days.....working at Labor Ready and living in Bush hotel in Seattle
drank Midnight Draagon Malt Liquor
$1.09 for 40oz
also drank some of those icky malt liquors...St Ides

Don't drink no more
but I smoke Bud...does that count?

Neither I buy Blue Moon why not spend a couple extra dollars and get something that tastes good.

Neither, pony up a couple of bucks and buy yourself some good brew



Bud--- honestly Non american is better

bud light 100%.....unless miller is on special ;)

Natty Light!!!!


eewww why not just drink water.


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