how long do hangovers last?!

Question: How long do hangovers last?
right im 16 im 5 foot 10 and weigh 65kgs and for 1st time i decided to get drunk.
however when i woke up i got a slight hangover
i am little dizzy and i h8 feeling dizzy so ive decided im not getting drunk again.
i drank about 14 units of whiskey and i wanna know how long the dizzieness lasts


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I don't know how much a "unit" of whiskey is, but 14 sounds like a lot, so you could be sick for a day or more. Here's a tried and tested hangover cure that should help you feel better:

Science and experience to the rescue!

First: Drink a cup of coffee/tea/whatever you prefer with as much sugar as you can get to dissolve in it. (It's medicine. It's not supposed to taste good.) That will take the worst edge off in about half an hour.

Next: Now that you're likely to keep food down, go to your local fast food/'burger place and get a large cheese burger/Big Mac equivalent and a glass of orange juice. That should keep you going through the rest of the day.

Rationale: The main causes of hangover symptoms are low blood sugar, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. The sugar in the coffee will get your blood sugar up, but it's only temporary. To avoid another crash, you need the protein and starch in the hamburger and bun to keep your blood sugar up the rest of the day. The coffee and orange juice will help with the dehydration and the potassium in the orange juice and salt in the pickles on the 'burger will help to re-balance your electrolytes.

Been there. Done that. Don't do it anymore. Got the above recipe from a PhD candidate in biology. It works.

The root cause of a hangover is a combination of 2 factors. 1 is dehydration, which may be avoided by drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic drink consumed. Note that if you do not start with a glass of water before you start drinking, you will probably forget. 2 is congestants found in the alcohol. Vodka, having practically none, is less likely to cause a hangover, and high congestant drinks include rum, tequilla and beer.

4-6 hours. Try a banana sandwich, Fruit juice of your choice, something with caffeine (coffee), and some food with a medium salt content.
This will help return the electrolyte content of your body to normal.
Drink small quantities of water often.

They can last awhile, greasy food and gatorade help but yeah .. everyone is different

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