Why do people like sugary drinks?!

Question: Why do people like sugary drinks?
Why are people so crazy about coca-cola, kool-aid, starbucks frappucinos, and drinks with lots of sugar in them?!
Personally the only drink that taste good to me are water and tea.

whats your opinion?


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We are conditioned to like overly sweet things.

Our bodies do not interpret beverage calories the same way they interpret food calories. This is why you are still hungry right after you drink something with a large amount of calories.

Most of the people like sugary drinks in the world because of its sweet taste which provide energy and it can be take with all age group.

I guess young children like sweet food and drink but if that's all they have when they are young, they grow up not appreciating other flavours.

It's just too obvious that the human tongue feels good about these kind of things.

sugar tastes good and is addictive

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