Is this true about being drunk?!

Question: Is this true about being drunk?
they say that when you're drunk you don't really care about a person's appearance... and someone that is extremely unattractive can seem really attractive to a drunk person.
Is this true?


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get drunk and find out LOL

Not in the literal sense. When you reach a certain level of intoxication, (drunkenness), you lose your inhibitions. You begin to do things that you normally would not do. Attractiveness is not so much a concern as having the opportunity to be with someone. At that point, you really don't care what they look like.

If you're successful in hooking up with someone, and depending on several factors that occur throughout the course of the evening, you can really...REALLY... regret your course of actions in the morning.


Mythbusters actually tested that one.

They came up with the results:

Alcohol can make people look more attractive.

To maximize objectivity, the Mythbusters decided to look at a number of sample photos and rate them while sober and again while drunk. Adam started first by rating 30 women and awarded 96 points out of a total of 300. Kari rated photos of 30 men and awarded a total of 154 points. Finally, Jamie awarded 116 points. After a few beers, Adam awarded 121 points, Kari 89, and Jamie 105. After several more beers, Adam awarded 134 points, Kari had 153, and Jamie had 111. Even though they each had different results, the Mythbusters decided the myth was plausible since their overall scores increased when they were drunk.

I have an embarrassing story to tell you, if you're interested but it's topic related.
I went to a dance club and was really drunk. I danced with some cute Latino guy and I really liked him. We had planned to meet up the next day at a restaurant. I went and saw him there and we talked and went on a date and made out.
Something was amiss and I find out it wasn't the guy who I had danced with at the club but his friend. The guy who danced with me at the club couldn't make it so his friend showed up instead and I didn't even realize it wasn't the same guy. And no, I don't think all Latinos look a like when I'm sober or drunk. But my drunk mind saw one thing and my sober mind saw another so I guess that has something to do with how people look when you're drunk or I just had a very bad memory that next day.

Yes. Because often drunk people don't care about anything, or realize what they are saying or thinking. In the same way as a banana will seem tasty if you wake up really tired and just hungry. Rather than awake, energized and wanting a bacon sandwich.

Also, when some people are drunk they want sex. They don't care who or what with because they are turned on...So anything seems 'attractive' to them.

I guess that would depend on how drunk you are. Despite many peoples opinions, your judgment is clouded when you drink heavily. I would not suggest getting so drunk that you are completely control. A couple or a few is enough for anybody. Are you even old enough to drink?

Well, It depends on how drunk you are, but I've found that if you get drunk, you mainly express yourself truthfully, so if deep down you're horny, you will get with anyone you can.

sadly yes it can be true especially for young inexperienced drinkers. when your intoxicated you can some times get to the point that you don't care about anything which can be very dangerous.


no, you definitely have some sense of a person's appearance. you may still think they're attractive, but have the oh, what the heck attitude.

In some persons, yes... It's sometime know as beer goggles. People really do appear more attractive when our perceptions are changed by drinking alcohol Your inhibitions become lower as well when alcoholic beverages are consumed.

That's accurate, hence the' 2-o'clock special' -the plain- Jane, trampy-looking alky girl the guy decides as his next great relationship's going to be with at 2 in the morning.

Drunk was invented to even ugly people can get laid.Happens every night in every city.

yes sort of !!!
it alters your brain by its chemicals
after all alcohol is toxic chemical :P

Indeed, if you let boys drink enough, you will be able to take the bag off of your head.

Beer goggles.

I don't think so you just lower your Standards to get some

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