Why do i have to drink so much to get drunk?!

Question: Why do i have to drink so much to get drunk?
i do not drink very often. before i started drinking i always thought i would be such a lightweight since i'm pretty small. i am only 5'1" and weigh about 105. when i drink, all my friends are already tipsy or after just a drink or two. for me it takes around 4 mixed drinks and 5 shots for me to start feeling drunk. almost everyone says that smaller people get drunk easier and bigger people have a higher tolerance but most of the people i've drank with were bigger than me and got drunk easier! i don't get it. i wish i could get drunk more easily so i wouldn't have to drink so much. maybe thats not a lot to some people but it seems like it is for me when everyone else is getting drunk off of less.
so my question is why does it take so much for me to get drunk? and how can i get drunk more easily with less alcohol?


Usually, your body size has a lot to do with how drunk you get, and females usually get drunk easier, so that is a little odd.

However, there is another possible explanation. If your parents were/are experienced drinkers with a high tolerance, you could have inherited it. It can be genetic. Also, certain medical conditions or medications can affect your tolerance.

Drink whiskey straight up.

That sucks! You have to spend like twice more money then the rest of your friends :)

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