what's the most you've drank? How drunk did you get?!

Question: What's the most you've drank? How drunk did you get?

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Not exact figures: One 750ml wine, three 355ml beers, and 5 shots
I was very drunk but managed to watch a few episodes of The Three Stooges before hitting the hay.

I know I have gotten really really drunk a few times - but really the most I ever drank (I think) is when I was at Karaoke in Tokyo. It was all you can drink and that I did. Funny thing is I don't recall being so sober in my life..maybe the alcohol content of the drinks wasn't that high but I could taste the whiskey and you can't remove alcohol from beer.. As far as how drunk..like I said felt good.

A bottle of champagne. I got pretty drunk. Didn't throw up, though I felt as though I was going to, and wasn't hungover, but I definitely won't be doing that again. I don't understand why anyone would intentionally want to get drunk. It's awful.

Normally, once I start to feel a little buzzed, I stop. That's about 1.5 to 2 drinks for me.

The correct answer to this question, unless you had sober friends counting, is "I can't remember".

1.5 glasses of wine. Never been drunk. Don't see the point.

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