how to drink liquor without puking?!

Question: How to drink liquor without puking?
Last night I drank an entire bottle (750ML) of captain morgan spiced rum, straight from the bottle to myself and i puked about 5 or 6 times. I used to be able to drink beer without puking, and drink malt liquor 40s without puking, last time I got sick, I chugged 2 40oz hurricanes and puked 4 times. How can I drink without getting violently sick? I'm 15, 5'7'' and 169lbs.


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Leran how to drink less and more slowly. Know how much you have drank and guide yourself. Keep in mind that being drunk should be last reason why a person drinks alcohol but it too can be fun if you know how to be drunk.

It's simple. Stop drinking as much. People have all kinds of theories about mixing alcohol and whatnot, but what matters is how much alcohol you consume, how fast, and now much food you've eaten. You probably drink the rum faster that you can drink the number of beers it would take to get the same alcohol.

Have some snacks (simple carbs like pretzels are good), and slow down.

And call AA.

Easy! 1: Stop drinking shitty booze. 2: Drink in moderation. 3: Give it another 3-6 years. Sorry for the hypocrisy factor here, I did none of those things. I did however, do a lot of puking.


it's impossible man, it's just one of the many side affects to getting ******. maybe the reason that you couldn't hold the rum was because it had a high volume of alcohol (30% - 40%)

little at a time and try not to mix too many types

works for me

Hold it in, take a rest or don't drink too much?

Dude're 15!! Sit down somewhere .

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