How come I can't stand alcohol anymore?!

Question: How come I can't stand alcohol anymore?
When I started college, I used to drink a lot, like most college students out there.
I wouldn't feel to hang over the next day either.
Now, 3 years later.. I can barely drink. Not even a little bit, or I'll feel really sick the next day. I'll feel like crap physically AND mentally (depressed).
I avoid alcohol now, but I'm curious.. Why did it change?


Alcohol is processed in the liver. Your liver may no longer be able to process the alcohol. When your liver does not break down the alcohol, you can become toxic on small amounts.

Alcohol is a depressant, and may be affecting you. Also, have you started any new medications? There could be a drug interaction going on.

Ya overdid it. I get this sometimes too, it lessens eventually. Although it never goes away fully. Especially the drinkers remorse. Eeeuch.

Believe me, I know.

My aunt has the same thing... She just doesn't drink anymore..

You got older. If you can still stay up as late as you used to without suffering, then that won't last long, either.

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