What do Whisky taste like...?!

Question: What do Whisky taste like...?
If l would buy you a whisky which one would you prefer and why? >
Royal Crown OR Canadian Club 12

tell me what they taste like if you know them


Indians call it "fire water" and it makes them crazy.
Royal Crown is RC cola. You must mean Crown Royal.
Crown Royal is better that Canadian Club in my opinion. Both are drank straight but more people mix CC with pop or something else. I've never had Famous Grouse.
If you have never had whiskey before, I think they would all taste the same the first time.

It is strong and burns, it curls your nose hairs, it tastes like a volcano in your mouth, throat and stomach, it makes your eyes water. It gets you drunk.

Canadian Club is subtle in flavor, but you can still definitely taste the tannins and has a good but not overpowering afterburn.


sounds like u cant handle whiskey.have a cosmo!

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