What's the word you say the more when your drunk?!

Question: What's the word you say the more when your drunk?

i dont kno about word but phrase. "i love you so much"to EVERYONE

booo achool abuse there is no spilling the drinks lol or i need anothe one....with my friends it is ualy lets burn something or lets brake some thing and i got one friend who randomly shouts cops to see who all scatters


wasted, bombed, blacked out, hammered, smashed....mb a few more im forgetting

what, what you say again. i love you.... but when they drunk they control how they feel and the truth comes out... things they afraid to tell u bc they too shy..

'you need to change your outfit, it looks bad' or ' no offence, but I think those kind of haircuts look a little stupid' I'm really honest

I want to **** your *****. I need anothor beer. Your sexy. I love you. Where am i. You have nice boobs.

Ralph. As in calling Ralph on the big white telephone.

I don't remember.

I and me

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