Would you notice if a little oregano was mixed in your marijuana?!

Question: Would you notice if a little oregano was mixed in your marijuana?
Would you notice when you smoked it?


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You will notice the smell of the oregano. People used to mix the two together when I was a kid to hide the smell of the marijuana. Will you still get high? Probably. Depends on the ratio of oregano to marijuana. But there will definitely be a detectable difference in smell.

Desperate Housewives fan much?? Hahaha....but yeah even though the chracter in the tv show didn't notice....i'm pretty sure normal people would.

Yes! Pizza would be the first thing I would have the munchies for. Oregano's pretty easy to smell

yes the smell and taste would b diffrent



what are you trying to do? rip someone off. if they smoke they'll notice for sure.

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