Young's wine fining problem?!

Question: Young's wine fining problem?
well i added Young's wine fining to my wine i made (followed instructions) i left it to sit for about 9 hours and now its alot clearer i am drinking it as we speak i added wine to my mix to give it colour not alot just a bit it was non alcoholic wine and i added so more grape juice to bring it up to the brim and some white rum well my friend added that to get more alcohol it was already 10% Weil now as i drink it it feels weird should i be concerned or drink away maybe its just my imagination


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From your explanation I can find nothing about your "wine" to bring harm. It may taste a bit strange but the added alcohol is not a problem as long as you keep it ion mind with each serving.

20% ABV will not make it sterile.

I fail to see where the "youngs fining problem" is - it has cleared the wine as it is supposed to (I have no problems at all with it when I use it in my own beer brewing)

Your "wine" is tasting strange because of all the other things you ahve added to it.

It may also be that the grape juice etc you have added has kick started any remnants of yeast in the "wine" and it has started fermenting again ... That will make it taste as if there are bubbles on your tongue.

if you bring it up to 20% alcohol, it would be sterile like listerine.

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