why do rappers drink things like codeine, what does it do to you ?!

Question: Why do rappers drink things like codeine, what does it do to you ?

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Codeine is an opiate, just like morphine or heroin, so it does the same things as them. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain which gives you a rush of pleasure. And just like morphine or heroin, it's very addictive and possible to overdose on, I'd recommend sticking to weed and alcohol.

because it's harder to come across so it probably makes em feel bad ***. and it gives em the lean bItChEs. make you go buh byaa.

Agree with the first answer, but its addicting and possibly deadly.

It gets you wasted enough so that you're able to stay in the same room with crappy "music."


Well, it ****s you up. Kind of like drinking alcohol but way more dangerous.

because there tools. drink beer like a man

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