Why is drinking so cool?!

Question: Why is drinking so cool?
I just love drinking, and my only enemies are AA people, and their propaganda, and lies !!! Cheers !!


lol, well, if your in AA you obviously got drinking problems. your probably drunk now. cheers. lol. i am drinking now as well, so don't feel too bad.but i do plan on getting help, cuz i know i have a problem. you should do the same, before it ruins your whole life.

Drinking is so cool to you because you obviously are not. Did you know that 99% of the people that drink have my little ponys? Yes thank you very much indeed! If you need to contact me my name is albert einstein. If you think you are cool now, just wait until you have been drinking for a few years and you have given yourself more wrinkles, awful looking skin and killed most of your brain cells. It doesn't sound like you have many to spare.

I've been wondering that for years and I'm glad I don't do it. I don't want to abuse my body by filling it full of the poison that is alcohol.

Drinking is not cool, it just makes you feel that way and feel good.

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