Marijuana vs. Alcohol? Which is healthier?!

Question: Marijuana vs. Alcohol? Which is healthier?
Well I am about 99% sure I have the right answer to this question, and it's that marijuana is much safer and healthier for your body, everything except the lungs, but that can be fixed since marijuana can be cooked into food and eaten instead of smoked. This method does not affect the lungs at all. I'd like to see any studies, or research, or any legitimate website that says that alcohol is healthier than marijuana. Every website I go on says that marijuana is healthier, or it does not specify which is healthier and just says bot are bad. I want to see any proof from someone who thinks alcohol is healthier. Here are some sources that I used:
Here's a whole page of different studies about marijuana:
Now here's a study disproving the popular myth of marijuana killing brain cells:
Then there is also common sense. There is no overdose on marijuana, there is on alcohol. There is not one documented death as a direct result of marijuana, there are many from alcohol, not including accidents or murders. Pot smokers or "pot heads" are generally less violent and angry than people who use alcohol or alcoholics. I've never heard of a rape case where someone was high, or a child abuse case where someone was high, now what about when someone was drunk? Countless cases. Also how many idiotic things can someone do when they get so drunk that they blackout? Quite a lot. Alcohol is also way more addictive, and you can die from withdrawal, you can't die from withdrawal from marijuana. A good quote just kind of sums it all up: "God made pot, man made beer, who do you trust?" It's funny to me how someone can try to argue that alcohol is healthier than marijuana when alcohol is actually classified as a hard drug such as PCP, heroine, crack, and cocaine. Hope some people that read this got more informed about MJ. I myself used to say well it's all right to have a few drinks but marijuana is a "drug", but when I heard marijuana is healthier I decided to do some research of my own, and this is the conclusion I have come to. So anybody want to argue? Make sure you look through the links before you start saying stuff.


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your question was too long for a drunk or pothead to read. god made the ingredients in beer also. they are the same. both need to be used in moderation.BTW pot is not illegal or at the very least it has been decriminalized. my friends have medical marijuana cards so they can use/carry

Ever notice how druggies write about it, preach about, treat it like a religion? Just based on that I can tell the stuff has warped your mind. God made Mercury And Arsenic too, you won't see me smoking them.

combined they are like the equivalent of taking a pill with 1000% daily value of all the essentials a body needs to stay healthy

Marijuana by far!

**** health

smoke n drink !

First off, marijuana is illegal. So basically common sense would dictate between the two (illegal and legal) that almost no matter what, if you're absolutely going to do one, the legal one would be the better of the two. But as for which one is healthier, as it seems you don't care whether it's legal or not (idiot), marijuana contains a drug called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which can elongate your nerve endings, making your reaction time to almost anything (driving especially) very impaired. Not only is THC's effects felt whilst "high" but THC can stay in the system for up to 90 DAYS. In other words, if you get pulled over, go out for a job interview at any Sports Authority/ other place that drug tests their applicants, you're basically ******. Marijuana also clouds the judgment in the opposite way that alcohol does. Alcohol is a depressant, it makes you basically tired and have very poor coordination. Marijuana can, in some people, make you want to just get out, and be dangerous. Over all, marijuana is just expensive, and fyi more addicting (thanks to THC) than alcohol. Thc can permanently damage your nerves in an extremely harmful way, and no matter how long/ how many times you smoke it, elongates your nerve endings, making you that much more stupid. And not to get on the topic of it actually containing SMOKE, something you're NOT supposed to inhale. But that's a whole other story. Hope this helps.

Common sense

Well I would have to say that more people are killed by drunk drivers than by those who smoke pot.

Many people have been killed due to alcohol poisoning but there have been no reported deaths of overdoses on THC.

Now I have tried pot in the past but do not care for it. However, the positive effects it has on cancer & AIDS patients, as well as glaucoma & MS sufferers make me support it use. Long-term use can affect people but in actuality it depends on that persons existing physical and mental conditions. Long-term use of alcohol on the other hand seems to affect the same areas in the body though depending on the rate & type of consumption at different stages.

Marijuana helps to increase your apatite but alcohol avoid foods. But before dinner or lunch drinking of alcohol one or two pegs is consider good for health. And naturally Marijuana is healthier because it is appetizer. Any one can eat more than double food after having Marijuana.


YOU are comparing apples with oranges. It's dependent on how much you use. If you use the same amount of pot as alcohol, ounce per ounce pot is worse. It's actually wrong that pot head is less violent. There is a strong correlation between pot and psychological disorder. not everyone react the same with pot. Just because it mellows you, doesn't mean it mellows everyone. In certain ways Pot is far more damaging to the brain. THis comes from lancet, Britsh medical journal.

You already have the answer. Cannabis(marijuana) is healthier than Alcohol, so long as it is not ingested in the form of smoke(IMO i think its also healthier even when smoked but i have no proof). Cannabis can also be ingested through vaporization or edibles, not just smoking.

Both cannabis and alcohol DOES NOT Kill Brain Cells. The "killing brain cell" thing is a myth from poorly conducted studies for the sakes of bad propaganda.

Alcohol causes liver damage. No links on this one as its fairly common knowledge.…
During peaks of plasticity, the adolescent brain is “wiring” two
important brain areas: the prefrontal cortex (responsible for
planning, decision-making, good judgment and impulse control) and the
hippocampus (involved in memory and learning). During this period of
development, the brain must make the key neural connections to wire itself
to become a responsible, thoughtful adult. Alcohol, which acts a depressant,
slows down brain activity and hinders development.)…
* Victim chokes on his or her own vomit.
* Breathing slows, becomes irregular, or stops.
* Heart beats irregularly or stops.
* Hypothermia (low body temperature).
* Hypoglycemia (too little blood sugar) leads to seizures.
* Untreated severe dehydration from vomiting can cause seizures, permanent brain damage, or death.

Alcohol does numb pain abit. People who fight drunk can take more hits from puches. +1 for booze lol.

Weed is not a single chemical drug, theres over 60 types of identified cannabinoids and more waiting to be discovered from the plant. THC is just one of them, another famous one is CBD which has many health benefits. CBD works best with THC and other cannabinoids.
CBD effects:
Anxiolytic action
Antipsychotic action
Anti-oxidative and neuroprotective actions
Anti-inflammatory action
Action on diabetes
Anticancer action
Antiemetic action
and more. Too bad cannabis is illegal, it makes it hard to conduct studies that may benefit everyone.

Cannabinoids in health and disease.…
Numerous diseases, such as anorexia, emesis, pain, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Tourette's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease), epilepsy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, obesity, and metabolic syndrome-related disorders, to name just a few, are being treated or have the potential to be treated by cannabinoid agonists/antagonists/cannabinoid-related compounds.

Cannabis is only mildly addictive, less than caffeine.…
Signs of withdrawal have been created in laboratory animals following the administration of very high doses. 63 Recently, at a NIDA-sponsored conference, a researcher described unpublished observations involving rats pretreated with THC and then dosed with a cannabinoid receptor-blocker. 64 Not surprisingly, this provoked sudden withdrawal, by stripping receptors of the drug. This finding has no relevance to human users who, upon ceasing use, experience a very gradual removal of THC from receptors.

Oh and if weed is eaten, its a good source of fiber. Add that to your daily fiber.
There a lot more.………

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