What are the short-terms effects of alcoholism?!

Question: What are the short-terms effects of alcoholism?

memory loss

Well, addiction or no, abusing alcohol will mostly result in high risk situations and bad choices. It really doesn't matter if you are drunk or just acting out of compulsion to get hands on alcohol. Either way you aren't thinking clearly. Any and all of these can happen rather fast and so I guess you would call that short term:

drinking too much
drinking and driving
saying the wrong thing to the wrong people
taking dares/doing complicated things that you can get hurt
trusting the wrong people
alcohol poisoning
medication interactions that clash with alcohol
doing other drugs

In addition to all this, an addict will be dealing with a lot of shame and self-loathing related to the addiction itself. It doesn't take long for those feelings to set in when you have an addiction.

as mentioned:
become a crazy good dancer
girls/guys flock to you
you learn how to dougie
you become a great joke teller
you don't care about dumb stuff

you are really cool and dance well........see music's answer below. she lists all the reasons that drinking is so much fun

Getting Drunk. All day 'er' day 24/6, because Mondays are for AA.

Boost your nervous system~

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