which country produce best sweet wines?!

Question: Which country produce best sweet wines?

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Germany and Austria produce some of the best Ice wines in the world. Ice wines made from grapes frozen on the vine contain a vast amout of sugar. They are also very expensive.
Late harvest Rieslings from New York and Washington State are also very good, but not as sweet and very affordable.
But, I think the best sweet wines are those of Northern Italy. Vin Santo del Chianti Classico is a sweet italian wine that is very famous as a dessert wine.
Other Italian sweet wines of note are:
--Asti Spumante - A sweet and bubbly wine.
--Moscato Passito di Pantelleria - A rich wine made from dried Muscat grapes.
--Moscato d’Asti - A low-alcohol dessert wine slightly sparkling
--Abbazia di Rosazzo Ronco della Abbazia - A sweet white wine made from Picolit and Verduzzo grapes

south america product is best sweet wines.

In my personal opinion, Italy

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