what age limit do you thing is suitable for drinking?!

Question: What age limit do you thing is suitable for drinking?
i the us its 21 in most of europe its 18 and in a few places in spain its 16!!!! what age do you think is best


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About 13. The US has the highest limit of any country in the world. Its policy is based upon Zero Tolerance. It is in fact simply a holdover from the epic fail of prohibition. It makes no sense medically or scientifically.

There is good evidence that children who drink with their family are less likely to have problems with alcohol later on in life. And there is very good evidence that abstinence would increase mortality more then 150,000 a year in the US alone. Drinking age limits are purely political. It is an example of poltics at its worst.

In the UK it is illegal to give alcohol to someone under 5 years of age (e.g. brandy for medicinal purposes).
From the age of 16 you be served beer, wine, cider or perry ( pear cider) with a meal legally if it is bought by someone over 18.
You may not buy alcohol under the age of 18, but to cover themselves many establishments have a policy of asking for proof of your age if you look under 21 or even 25.
You may not supply alcohol if you are under 18.
There appears to be no real problem with the law itself, but there is a culture of binge drinking which seems most popular amongst the 25 to 35 age group!

Former Police Officer, but I checked with government website that this is still current.

Drinking isn't ever a "best" any way you look at it.

Legally though, 21 has problems because it makes drinking a sign of adulthood and causes young people who have low self-esteem to drink. 16 or 18 are probably a better legal ages. Most kids drink by then anyway--or have at least tried it. However, practically speaking, because the majority of parents don't accept the responsibility of parenting, 21 is likely to remain the legal age.

Public drinking 17.
Kids are drinking at party's on a regular basis nowadays by the age of 12. Seriously, they're getting drunk every saturday night minimum.
The parents need to raise them better.

I'm a 15 year old girl by the way. I don't plan on getting into drinking purposely.

Personally, I think 16's the right age. Kids will start drinking early whatever age the legal one is. I started at fourteen, and this was pretty late by most people's standards. 21 age limit is absurd.

id say 21. you are fully developed physically and mentally. so the alcohol cant really hurt too much. and people are grown up enough to decide for themselves by 21. and the US is the best country in the world for a reason!!

Personally I don't think there is a problem with any of the existing restrictions, but my friend Joe who has near 30 years behind a bar says 25 is to young

Joe the Bartender at latelyitoccurstome.com

I think its pointless to drink at all. Some ppl dont remember things they do when they drink. I think never thats the age its appropiate NEVER but im a Christian and not ashamed to say it so thats my opinion.

Im a Christian:)

The legal age for everything should be 18: to drink, drive, have sex consensually and register for the draft.

Decriminalize it. Drink when you want, how much you want.

In Wisconsin ppl dont feed their kids babies milk they feed them miller light. So right out of the womb is the right time.

here in South Africa its 18 and seems to be great
the night clubs are always pumping

and yes ther ARE white people here

25 and either in school (with a 70% average or higher) and / or employed


i say start 'em young,

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