how many cups is 12oz ?!

Question: How many cups is 12oz ?

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12 fluid ounces would be 1.5 cups.

However, an ounce is a unit of weight. You cannot use measuring cups to measure ounces because measuring cups use volume. Volume is the amount of space an ingredient occupies. Weight is the mass or "heaviness" of an ingredient. Scales are used to measure weight. Ounces and fluid ounces are not the same and they are not interchangeable. Contrary to popular belief, a cup does NOT contain 8 ounces; it contains 8 fluid ounces.

For example, a cup of lead pellets and a cup of feathers both occupy 8 fluid ounces of volume. The lead will weigh a lot more than 8 ounces on a scale and the feathers will weigh a lot less than 8 ounces on a scale.

12 oz of mini marshmallows = 6.85 cups
12 oz of flour = 3.42 cups
12 oz of granulated sugar = 1.77 cups
12 oz of chocolate chips = 1.89 cups

As you can see, the weight of these ingredients are the same, yet the volume of each ingredient is different. This has to do with density differences between ingredients. You can use an online volume/weight converter to do these types of problems. Here is a good website:…

A lot of people are also confused with the term "dry measure" A dry measure is a measuring cup that is flat on top so that it can be leveled. A liquid measure is a measuring cup with a spout on it. Both a one cup dry measure and a one cup liquid measure have exactly the same volume: 8 fluid ounces. A lot of people mistakenly believe a dry measure uses a different type of ounce. They will often erroneously refer to this as a "dry ounce" or a "solid ounce". Or, the will refer to liquid being measured in a cup as "liquid ounces".

Don't let the term "fluid ounce" throw you off. A fluid ounce is simply a name for a unit of volume. It doesn't matter if the ingredient in the cup is a liquid or a solid... its still fluid ounces. If a recipe calls for 4 oz of flour, this refers to the weight of the flour; it does not mean half a cup. Four ounces of flour will fill a little over 1 cup.

There are exceptions. "A pint is a pound the world around, for butter, eggs and water". In other words, a cup of any of these ingredients will weigh about 8 ounces on a scale because of their density.

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One and one-half cups.

1 1/2
1 cup = 8 oz

a cup is 8oz.



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