does sam adams taste as good as the commercials say it does?!

Question: Does sam adams taste as good as the commercials say it does?
im a simple man that just enjoys a cold brew but i dont make good money so im stuck drinking cheap beer like steel reserve, king cobra, sparks if i can afford it, and my personal favorite and the one your most likely to find in my fridge hurricane, last time i even had an expensive beer was about 5 years ago when i picked up a 4 pack of bartles and jaymes wine coolers, well anyways i got $5 right now and im thinking of trying a sam adams for the first time and enjoying it with a cheese burger, is this a good buy cause i dont wanna pay allot for something that doesnt taste amazing and then be mad that i didnt just use the money for a hurricane


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You have my most solemn word that it will taste better than the Industrial Light Lagers from Bud, Millers, and Coors - which are nothing more than corn flavored water,

Want something amazing? Buy a six pack of a Wheat Beer - no matter who's. You will fall in love with the bouquet of flavors. Better yet, save up for a 750 ml bottle of Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue Label) and learn what beer should taste like.

Their Chocolate Bock and Scotch Ale is really good so is their Cranberry Lambin and Cream Stout the only Sam Adams I dont like are the Pale Ale and the Summer Ale

does sam adams taste as good as the commercials say it does?

tried it

It tastes like beer just like every other beer on earth

try it

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