How long does wine stay good after openong?!

Question: How long does wine stay good after openong?

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The Chemistry formula is (Wine + Air) = (Vinegar + Water).

As to how long is a matter of the alcohol percentage of the wine. Sherries and Ports which are 15+% alcohol take longer than Two Buck Chuck.

I've had a bottle of Paul Masson Rare Cream Sherry last almost a year.

If you really want it to last after opening, add a blast of CO2 before you recork it. Otherwise don't expect it to last more than 3 months.

Not very long -- after a day it won't be so good. It is due to the oxidisation from the air. BUT help is at hand. Buy for not much money, a vacuum pump made for wine bottles and it will keep good for a long time -- weeks if you do it properly. they come with extra corks so you can have more than one bottle alive at a time. ps i don't sell these! See below and enjoy....

I don't know, I always dust it off in an hour. lol. I think that if you put it in the fridge it should last a week.

about 3 days then it starts to go flat, but if you don't put the cork back in it could be hours.

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