How many shots of 40% or 80 proof alcohol for me to be drunk?!

Question: How many shots of 40% or 80 proof alcohol for me to be drunk?
Also: and this ir related, How many shots of 40% 80 proof to be buzzed?

I'm drinking pure vanilla liqueur with mixed very special French Cognac .Is this a liqueur? l'm not really sure but it's something of an higher end priced stuff.

I am 18
height 6′5
chest 44
waist 35+
hips 37
A blonde god w/ hazel eyes

Does it effect my growth negatively?

One last thing I am a troll named ron, and stephen, and Beerjon, Mayor etc….


Use the chart for the technical answer. But you should learn to feel it. A sense of intoxication is learned with experience. You will feel the effects after a few shots and then gauge your buzz or drunkenness from this. Most negative people on her is actually one guy with a religious mission of anti-alcohol. So he just makes rude and trite remarks to young age, anti-alcohol, etc. We, the more reasonable and intelligent and thus helpful people, will give you the info you need without troll driven questions and answers. We that can handle our booze will provide positive and helpful answer to you and others.

I think 2-4 shots will give you a buzz
more shots, considering time, will make you drunk'
just go easy my friend and you will be fine and have a great time

it depends on your weight, the size of the shots your taking and how your tolerance to alcohol is

this site have a bac chart which you can see how many shots it will take ----
(.08 is legally considered drunk but it really varies from person to person)

There is no "magical" formula you can use to determine how much booze will get you drunk. Geez! Teenagers these days! When I was your age, we went out and experimented with drugs and alcohol to see what would happen, instead of trying to figure out a "dosage".

Just drink until you feel it. The main concern is to not drink fast. A few drinks of alcohol will give you an effect but it may take some time for you to feel it so go slow about it.

You seem to be a bit of a star figure today. Have a few shots and know the results.
Buzz is just a lower level of BAC so about 2-4
Drunk is just a higher level of BAC so more that that, Lol

Somewhere between 5 to 8 shots should knock you down harder than a middle linebacker whose girlfriend you've been hitting on! ;)

You right great questions! Well I say have 3-5 shots for a nice buzz and a little more for the drunk. Keep drinking to get experience and stronger tolerance.

one. have fun!

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