What are some good interview tips when applying for bar work?!

Question: What are some good interview tips when applying for bar work?
I've been applying for lots of bar work lately and if I get an interview, what kind of person do they generally look for? Like generally, what are some good tips? I haven't got bar experience, but I have lots of other experience for my age (I'm 19).


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Personality goes a long way to aid the interviewee. A smile on your face while being polite (not old fashioned) and direct is good. Look the interviewer in the eyes but do not stare them down-its not a contest. When asked a question answer it directly while being concise. Have relevant, say past experience, that relates to the new job and mention it when answering. Be honest while talking about yourself. If you have skills that are honed to the work and you are confident in them be sure to state them.

Do not ramble
Be concise
Speak with a strong tone and volume to your voice
Dress just as you would for the job

Send a semi-formal thank you letter the same day and a follow up letter or phone call early the next week.

Bars and restaurants look for people with excellent customer service skills. They need people are fast, efficient, people who have the ability to multi-task and who can work well under pressure without panicking. The also need people who will be flexible in their work schedule because bars and restaurants are open nights, weekends and holidays. You also must be able to work on your feet for long periods of time. You'll also need to have a good attitude, have the ability to get along well with others, be willing to work as a team player and have a and the ability to arrive to work on time.

29 years in the bar/restaurant industry

Have you taken a bar course?. There are lots around.
Dont turn up dressed like a tart. Make sure your hair looks nice.
Not too much make up.
Be natural. Smile and look confident. Dont lie.
Look them straight in the eye.
Good luck.

I work in a bar and allways be chatty to who is interviewing you. look smart and act like you know what you are doing hope that will help you good luck.

Gotta show them you can readily socialize and that you like talking to people.

go to your interview completly wasted. Will show you have a passion for that line of work.

Pre-game the interview

You shouldn't apply for jobs in the alcohol section of a web forum. We aren't hiring.

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