why does alcohol make people hungry?!

Question: Why does alcohol make people hungry?

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1. The metabolism of alcohol inhibits the reaction that creates blood sugar from stores in the liver. If you haven't eaten in a few hours, normally these stores of glycogen in your liver are converted into blood sugar to keep your blood sugar up. When this reaction is inhibited by the metabolism of alcohol in the liver, this mechanism that normally keeps your blood sugar up won't do as much for you, so you feel hungry and seek food, especially starches.

2. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions. Since many people are currently inhibiting themselves from eating everything in sight (we call this a diet), having alcohol lowers these inhibitions.

3. Alcohol irritates the stomach, which can feel like hunger. (More technically, it inhibits the reaction that allows your stomach lining to constantly regenerate itself.)

Raises your blood sugar, and your body goes, "okay, here's a lot of calories, now where's all the damn food?"

asked this same question before!

it doesn't? weed does though.

I dink think
It does

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