My sister is a alcoholic. How I help her to stop?!

Question: My sister is a alcoholic. How I help her to stop?
My sister has been drinking for 5 years. I always tell her that I worry about her and she needs to stop but she always says that I'm over reacting and that it's not an adiction and she can stop whenever she wants. I think started sneaking it into the house when she was 16 after our mom and dad divorced because of an abusive relationship. I'm always worrying about her. How do I get her to stop?


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First seek help in the family section because we don't care. I say give her another drink and leave us in this section alone!

How much does she drink? If she has like a glass of wine at dinner or binges on a Saturday, that's not really alcoholism... If she drinks every day, then she'll eventually have a revelation that most alcoholics do every couple of months where they want to stop, etc. Usually after they get sick/hungover really bad. Best thing you can do is capitalize on that and tell her you'll be her sponsor or whatever when she decides to stop.

Having lived with two women for the last 45 years, I can tell you with certainty that trying to influence someone's behavior is somewhere between extremely difficult and impossible.

If your sister is now 21, you will need help from her friends and your parents. As you know by now, you can't do it alone.

I know you want to help her. but i honestly think that she wont stop unless she wants to or if she is forced to. you need to get the whole family together and have a discussion about it. and when you are done with that bring her in. i think it would help to watch the show intervention to get an idea of how to do it. but do make sure she knows that she is loved. that's the main point you need to show her is that she is loved and everyone wants her to be safe.

truthfully you can't help can share your heartfelt concern for her and hopefully that will impact her somehow....but, bottom line she will have to make a decision to do something about it...sometimes consequences intercept and will get her can suggest AA to her and you should google Al-anon (or Alteen depending on your age) so that you can find some support for yourself because i know you are very concerned for her....this will help you cope with your feelings and fears. Good luck.

I would sincerely suggest re-writing your question for the Family & Relationships category. Best wishes to you all.

Uh, okay. Either get her a drink or get her a doctor.

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