what is the best kind of beer?!

Question: What is the best kind of beer?
not cheap ****


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Budweiser. Oh my god Budweiser. 5% non pussy, real mans beer. Doesn't need a slice of lime or a dash of blackcurrant to make it taste nice. It already tastes nice. It's just such a shame it doesn't really come on tap in the uk :(

There are so many styles of beer. How can one claim one is the best? Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Hefeweizen, Bock, Dopplebock... etc? just stay away from the mass produced commercial light lager, like bud/miller/coors.

bjcp.org (Beer Judge Certification Program... check out the style guidelines)

Corona is junk as is Budweiser and they are not even 6% ABV. They are factory crap lagers. Choose bottle conditioned ale or malt liquor, which for the price is great.

All beer, haha, probably Corona or Heineken.



Any IPA.... that stuff will get you wasted

- Lancaster Bomber Ale (bottle)
characterful amber beer that is finely balanced and full of malt flavour.

- Sleeman Original Draught (bottle)

- Stonewall light (bottle)
refreshing beer with a light cereal aroma and touch of hops

- Kronenbourg 1664 (can)
Crisp and refreshing

l don know the price / l don really drink beer but these are the best beer

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