Would 4 cans of bud at 4.3% get you as drunk as a 17% 50ml baileys?!

Question: Would 4 cans of bud at 4.3% get you as drunk as a 17% 50ml baileys?
does the little quantity in the 50ml's make a difference?would it be easier to have that instead of 4 cans because its less?


the bud would get you drunker by miles

An easy way to calculate the alcohol content is:

volume in litres x percentage = units


Baileys: 0.05 litres x 17 = 0.85 units
Bud (I've guessed the cans are 440ml): 0.440 x 4.3 = 1.89 units for EACH CAN.

Why do you want to get drunk? Are you old enough to be getting drunk?

If you are old enough to drink, I'd recommend the cans and hopefully you'll only manage one ;)

Killed off brain cells cannot be replaced

Why care.? Have a beer an relax. But I would strongly hope that you can reasonably figure this out yourself. Give it serious thought and let us know if you can not figure this third grade problem out.

Four cans are much likelier to get you drunk than one SHOT of Baileys

only one way to find out

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