How long does achol stay in your system for?!

Question: How long does achol stay in your system for?
i just came home from a bar and i had a monster with 3 shots of jagermister its called the omfg how long does it stay in my system for cos im driving to work at 9am?


You should be fine, just make sure to drink a few glasses of water before bed, then have coffee in the morning with a couple of asprin to counteract any hangover effects.

(Alcohol is generally out of your system in 12 hours)

1 unit of alcohol takes about 1 hour to clear the system.2 units 2 hours etc.a double vodka is 2 units. a pint of lagar 2 to 3 if you have say 8 to 10 pints about 24 units it would take 24 hours for all the alcohol to clear your system.alcoholics ween themselves from alchol by drinking 24 units a day. 1 unit an hour then cut it down bit by bit day by day.

recovering alcoholic.

It takes1 hour for the liver to detox 1 unit of alcohol period. You can eat drink loads of water whatever you want to do, it makes no difference. 3 single shots 1/6 of a Gill will take 3 hours for the liver to get rid of it. If they were double shots, 6 hours.

you will be sober in the morning, but if you dont drink alot or cant handle alot you may have a hangover

an average man can metabolise about one unit of alcohol per hour

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