Need help choosing a good E cigarette?!

Question: Need help choosing a good E cigarette?
There are so many different brands! It's really hard to choose. I just want one that works good. Has a good warranty, 30 Money back Guarantee.


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OMG i'm so good for this ? ok i did a three week study on it before i ordered mine.

go on and look it up

its rated #1 and they are by far the very cheapest to get than ANY other brand out there.

also google which e cig is best, thats where i got my info.

I have them and they work wonderfully, and seem to last forever! I cart equals at least a pack if not more! and they taste great! good luck!!

I was in your shoes and got a lot of info from the forums. I ended up with the 510 cartomizer and mega battery configuration from I wasted a lot of $$ on some of the other offerings but their generous referral commissions helped offset the loss.

Give them a try, they are great folks to deal with and their starter kit is around $55 give or take.

Good luck

Its all about personal preference. If you want a "mini" then there is tons of options out there, and tons of trash too. If you get a big unit, the battery will last longer but you look ridiculous smoking it.

I eventually ended up with Prosmoke from after seeing this review video and a few others online

GOod luck!


i have no idea but please if you find one and it really works send me the link

Really, what is the point.


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