Why is it that i am only "myself" when i am intoxicated?!

Question: Why is it that i am only "myself" when i am intoxicated?
After being in high school for a few years now, it seems as if i've changed and became more serious. That is not the kind person i am though. I am an outgoing, funny person but over the last year or so it seems that i haven't really been "myself". I've become more shy and less talkative...and it seems only when i get drunk i am myself again, which causes me to keep drinking whenever i can. How can i act like myself again? I miss being the old, fun me.
Does this make any sense? It even confuses me :/


im like that too! i am getting better though. you just need to think why do i care what any of these people think about me. if there your true friends they will look you for who you are. sometimes it takes me like an hour or two to warm up with a group of people until i can feel comfortable. You need to hang out with people who arent drinking more because it is much easier to just get drunk and be yourself. If you dont work on that now while sober youll stay in this pattern and never make real relationships with people.

Help me with mines pleasee <3!

Drinking makes you lose your inhibitions, and you feel good about yourself, so you act more "freely". You don't question what other people are thinking of you and so you can be yourself. You need to watch out for habitual drinking because it could lead to alcoholism. You're in high school, so you're going through a difficult time anyways. If you're planning on going to college, you'll find a far less judgmental crowd that allows you to be yourself. But the biggest thing you need to do is stop thinking about what others think of you; that's what makes you shy.

alcohol loosens you up. it seems to do this to everyone. it makes you say and do things that you normally wouldn't. Sounds like you're too young to be drinking anyway, but who am I to judge? Just remember that eventually the things that you do and say while inebriated will catch up with you

do something fun! VEGAS! now that sounds fun!

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