afriad of getting drunk?!

Question: Afriad of getting drunk?
Ok im a 16 year old boy and first got drunk last new years and got into a really bad state where i cant remember but thankfully i was in my house and my cuz had the door etc locked so i was stuck there. But obviously a free gaff isn't always there most of the time.

I do drink around 3 times a month or more, but nothing to the extrmeme.

I would usually drink 2 big bottles of wkd, then moved on to quarter bottles of vodka in boost and this would make me slightly pissed but in controll.

Around 2 months ago i drunk a quarter bottle raw through a straw and i was slurring words and couldn't walk straight which the next day scared me, but again a could remember most of it. My friends do look after me and prefer me drunk as i am quite shy and anti social but when i drink im in your face almost!!

The reason I ask this question is that i will always drink and wont be persuaded but i would like to know why im afriad of getting uncontrollably drunk. Can you tell me how many units are in a quarter bottle of vodka and how many units it would take to get me to the stage im fearing??

Thanks in advance:)


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Drinking is not always for everyone, particularly those who prefer to be in control of their actions and bodies. Sometimes one might have a complex where they fear losing control or not being in control altogether, which is sometimes related to OCD. When I was a teenager (only a small handful of years ago, I'm only 22) I was sort of the same in that I never was really interested in getting DRUNK. I love to get tipsy but I've only been really drunk by accident a few times when we mixed drinks that tasted good enough to down quickly without realizing how potent they actually were. I do not like this extremely drunken feeling because I was drugged and abused as a small child and my mind associates DRUNKEN FEELING = ABUSE. What I'm trying to say is, there may have been an incident in your younger life where something happened to you while you were either half asleep or under the effects of some type of medicine that you didn't enjoy. Then, your subconscious would have recorded that and every time it feels you don't have control, it triggers a memory of bad things happening, and thus associates not being in full control with negativity. This will cause you to fear being really drunk even though, in your mind, you realize that this may be totally irrational. Or, it could be that subconsciously you know that you can't really trust your friends completely, and that you feel they might not pay close enough attention to you if you can't care for yourself or that they might mess with you somehow. Or perhaps you have spent more time than you realize watching other people who are out of control and you didn't like the way they were acting and don't want yourself to become like one of those people.

Best not to drink.
Regardless of the fact the UK is tolerant about booze, at 16 ur body + brain
more than likely isn't developed nor responsible enough to offset its (ab)use.

You should be afraid.

~The Fat Man

the whole bottle but jack is better

try everclear that should help u out

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