Will I be under pressure to drink as I get older?!

Question: Will I be under pressure to drink as I get older?
I'm currently in middle school, and there's no pressure for anything like that, obviously, but I'm worrying about high school and collage. I do not plan to ever get on alcohol, drugs, or anything. It's not that I'm afraid I won't be able to resist, so long as I have caffeine there's no need for anything like that :) but I just don't feel ready to be introduced to it. I live in a pretty crime free neighborhood, and even though some kids at school who I don't know have mentioned it (it's a giant middle school, like 1,400 kids) it's pretty darn under the radar. My old 1-6 was particularly known for no worse behavior than name calling. And my sister is such a nerd she's completely isolated from all mention of that in her high school. So idk, I just want to be prepared. The high school I plan to go to has a rule against red and blue because of gang colors, and there's definitely more of that alcohol and drug stuff. It's one of the best academically, but I'm not half the antisocial nerd my sister is (i swear shes allergic to life outside of school, and it must be severe) so I'm a little worried. Is it really like teen fiction novels make it out to be?


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This is a well thought out and not at all contrived troll based question. You will most likely be pressured to drink alcohol and do drugs at some point in your life. It is up to you to make a well informed decision on whether to engage in the activity. It comes down to how well you trust yourself and and well you can control yourself under its influence But then you will only know that if you try them. Have a blast.

eventually you will be pressured into drinkg by your so called "friends". most teens do drink. some more than others and some less. you will eventually drink but if you do, it will be because you want to. REMEMBER, you drink because its YOUR choice, NEVER let anyone pressure you into doing somthing you dont want to do.

dude only weak people can't take the pressure if you have friends that do it let them that's their problem you don't have to do it. like you can't miss out on a friend just because he drinks

Depends who you choose to hang out with. Some people who drink will pressure you, some won't at all, and some people don't drink at all in high school. I made it all through high school without drinking or taking drugs.

You will probably be under pressure, and I hope you are able to say no.

my junior high was pretty ghetto

maybe if ur weak minded, I dont need alcohol to have fun, I love going out with my friends I enjoy their company.

There will probably be times for almost any kid in school when they'll be pressured to drink, do various drugs, etc. as well as bully others, not study hard to do homework, etc., etc, etc. It does depend a huge amount though on just who you choose to hang out with...the more they're into those things (and usually also non-study types), the more pressure there will be on you and the fewer places/activities you'll be able to do with them since that's where their interest and time-spent will be.

I'm surprised though that you haven't felt much pressure in middle school. Many kids (especially the ones who'll get heavily into things like that) start early--one reason it's harder for them to stop.

You can kind of innoculate yourself against those things by having friends who aren't into them, and proactively by joining groups (sports, after school clubs of various kinds, school paper, chorus, etc) where there is something to DO, so people don't count on drinking/etc for all their entertainment and relief from social awkwardness. If you're religious, you can also do things related to your church, etc.

Taylor, good for you getting prepared and making smart choices. I went to a school that was grades 7-12 and the average grade had 400 kids so I know how you feel. There are going to be more parties than you can imagine. The way I got through it sounds cheezt but it worked.

1) blame parents. If you don't feel cimfortable at a party say your parents grounded you or gave an early cerfew so you have to go home.

2) be the camera guy, if your taking all the pics or taking care of someone who is already drunk, no one will expect to see a drink in your hand. When you get older saying im the designated driver works the same way.

3) drink just coke or gingerale, and tell ppl there is rum in it. Are they really going to check? Same works with beer bottles, if you have a budlight bottle or can in your hand no one but you will know it really has water or something in it

4) dont let the pressure get to you. I have thrown more house parties than I can remember and nowadays ppl are more understanding about someone who doesnt want to drink.

Real life is nothing like the movies, from the sounds if it you have a good head in yiur shoulders and should be fine

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