does making wine from juicy juice smell?!

Question: Does making wine from juicy juice smell?
i wanted to make wine out of grape juice, but i don't want to risk getting there a strong/potent odor that goes along with it?


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A basement if it is not heavily trafficked. Outdoors is the best place. Find a hidden location under the house (if not a concrete foundation of course) or behind a large bush. The smell would be less noticed also more understandable the outside location as apposed to your room.

i made my first batch about when i was twelve. Yes it could have a strong smell but that all depends on how much ur makin. I would suggest if u have some kind of easy to clean up place because that has a chance of exploding when u open it if u mess up with the holes. Yes maby a closet but if it gets on ur clothes u may get caught. But trust me i had my second batch explode in my face while my first was perfect and its hard to clean up. just keep all that in mind while hiding it.

Lmao. Im guessing you arent 21!. I wouldnt do this. You arent going to have the right stuff most likely, and you may end up growning some nasty bacteria in it and getting sick, but.. it probably wont have a bad smell, unless it grows some bacteria.

No not so much to get you caught. Making wine is very easy too. I made my first batch when i was 16.

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