60 beers in 3 nights?!

Question: 60 beers in 3 nights?
ok so how do i do it? i need some strategies. dont say stuff like "dont do it" cause im gonna try anyways. like what should i eat/drink? how should i space it out?


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Drink slow a steady. Average about a beer every 48 minutes based on 16 hours of drinking time. You want some food but eat like more like snacking. You want meat and carbs to get you through. Water is your friend too but just take small sips often. Also be active as much as possible this will keep you alert and awake.


Get your affairs in order, you'll probably end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoining by night two, but obviously, 60 beers in 3 nights means 20 beers per day... but you can get alcohol poisoning with half that in 1 night.

No wtf sure you would know your throat would dry up and you would d!e ok 1 beer is ok unless you party then maybe 5 in the whole day!!!

Don't do it. You'll get alcohol poisoning and die.

i guess 20 a day. i say dont do it..

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