Will two and a half shots of tequila and two glasses of red wine get me drunk?!

Question: Will two and a half shots of tequila and two glasses of red wine get me drunk?
Patron tequila and two adequate ( perhaps a little less than half a bottle) glasses of red wine get me drunk? Normal sized girl..thanks :)


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I feel that it will. Based on your presumed age and lack of experience. Tolerance is tied into your genetics and drinking experience. For most people tolerance goes up with regular drinking. A person's body chemistry compensates for the alcohol by producing more of the alcohol reducing enzyme(s), alcohol dehydrogenases.

Take your drinks over a few hours time and you will enjoy the experience much better than drinking them rapidly.

it doesn't depend on what size you are. Size often doesn't play a role in how drunk you get. It depends on how your body will metabolize the alcohol and how much of a tolerance your body has towards alcohol. Based on previous experiences you should be able to determine for yourself whether or not that amount of alcohol will get you drunk. If you don't have any past experience.. drink it and figure out for yourself whether or not you are drunk. Seems simple enough right?

**** yeah.

Of course depends on how much you're used to drinking and your own personal body. And over what time frame you take it all.

Stay hydrated, avoid the hangover! Drink on a full stomach, helps release the alcohol at a steady pace. Be safe, have fun!

4 ME NO....lol

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