Why do you smoke,or start to smoke?!

Question: Why do you smoke,or start to smoke?
My friends are smoker, they lead me to smoke. Now when I was alone, I smoke even more. how about you?


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yeah it was me and my friends when we started smoking we started smoking captain blacks woooooo thos were the days

I learned to smoke in the army. I made it through all the peer pressure in high school, but screwed it up while in the army. We have so many habits and art forms we can imbibe. I will tell you cigarette making in this country is not an art form. Ditch it while you can. there are far better things to smoke. Cigarettes are embued with so many other chemicals that make them convenient and thus less desireable. It's a factory process. If it's the smoking process you enjoy, I would recommend a trip to Amsterdam. There are other flavors that are infinitely preferable.

Cigarettes? Well, I always had an affinity for them. Something perhaps to do with the images of them in old movies and their underdog status - the way you breathe the smoke in and out. The way they're very much yours. They're something to look forward to all day. Smoke breaks at work! Ha. The social aspect, the unspoken bond I feel between me and every person I see lighting up on a street corner.

I quit, though. I was lucky, I quit early in the game. I want to sing and run and breath easy. I don't like the way they made my throat feel.

I smoke a pipe and I chew. I do it because I love the flavour. The nicotine addiction now drives it too I suppose, but I started because I like the taste. I continue because I like the taste and am probably addicted.

I started on spring break while in college. I think the amount of alcohol purchased in Mexico might have had something to do with my ability to make good decisions.

I have no idea but will answer to see everybody else's opinions

i only smoke cigars and its only ever been about the taste and they smell real good to me also

My friend who smokes...

I'm in college and started when I drink

Stop it will hurt u !!!!

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