What's with the Beer, Wine, and Spirits?!

Question: What's with the Beer, Wine, and Spirits?
So is the "spirits" part like some alcoholic thing I don't know about? Or is it like actual spirits? Like beer and wine lift your spirits and make you happier? Or is it the generally happy and inviting atmosphere of a bar?


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I think spirits are *distilled drinks.* Like vodkas and whiskeys.

The main difference is the brewing process:
-Beers are fermented with some kind of grains.
-Wines are fermented with fruits (generally grapes).
-Spirits are FIRST brewed just like beers (with grains although potatoes are used to make vodka). Then they go a step further and DISTILL the brew to get a higher concentration of alcohol. Just youtube distillation to understand how that works if you don't already know.

I'm just a kid so take this info with a grain of salt. Although I'm sure it's at least 95% accurate.

I think they're called spirits because of the distillation process. The evaporating alcohol part.

Beer and Wine refer to specific alcoholic drinks. Both of these drinks are made through a fermentation process. In other words, yeast is used as the activator to create the alcohol. The primary difference between these is that beer is made from hops and grains while wine is made from grapes or other fruits.

When it comes to the terms liquor and spirits, there is a small distinction as well. Liquor refers to all alcoholic drinks. Spirits, when it comes to drinks, refers to hard liquor, which means they have a very high alcohol content because they’ve been distilled. Distilling is the process of removing the water after the fermentation process. Examples of spirits include rum, whiskey and vodka.

Hope that clears everything up for you!


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Spirits to me are drinks which contain alcohol, yet are neither beer or wine.

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