Are Swisher Sweets as "dirty" as cigarettes?!

Question: Are Swisher Sweets as "dirty" as cigarettes?
Ive been buying swisher sweets for years but Ive never actually smoked one we always just use the paper and dump the tobacco. Earlier me and my friends had 3 swishers we used 2 and theres one left. Im curious as to what its like compared to cigarettes but I dont really like cigarettes because they make me feel lightheaded and they just taste dirty imo. How do swisher sweets compare?


Swisher Sweets are more bad for you then cigarettes. I would say that the tobacco in swisher sweets is cigar tobacco (crappy cigar tobacco) Far more harsher on your lungs and far more addictive.

Your not supposed to inhale them though, and I suggest you don't haha.

Why have you been buying them for years and not smoking them..They suck and will kill you faster. Be smart and don't smoke.

I cant quit

not at all as cigarate contains nicotin.


worse than cigs

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